What's it all about?

  • It's simple! If you would like one of canvases you see here that are hand-painted by me...I'll exchange it for 200 words that are hand-written by you!!


  • Yes, it's really that simple! If you would like to exchange your words for one of my canvases then:
  • 1. Just email me to say which canvas you would like. (One canvas per person I'm afraid, and it is first come, first served.)
  • 2. I will email you a PDF of the t&cs for you to print out and sign. (You can view them in the right-hand column.)
  • 3. You then send this to Tarpit Towers along with your 200 hand-written words. N.B they MUST be hand-written.
  • 4. Once your words arrive, I will post your canvas out to you!
  • 5. I will publish your 200 words alongside your canvas in the gallery. Your words will then be the inspiration to create a new canvas.

* Please note

  • In order to help the project's flow, once you've successfully applied for a canvas, you have 14 days (UK) or 28 days (outside the UK) to get your 200 words to Tarpit Towers. After this time your canvas will be put back up for exchange.


  • 03
    These are the latest 9 canvases waiting to be exchanged for 200 of your wonderful words.


  • 20
    This is the second gallery of Mytarpitters in the 200 words project. I decided to keep these guys real bold and simple. They are black acrylic over the top of a glo-in-the-dark base layer. And I took the photos in my lovely back garden...ENJOY! (And remember one of them could be yours for just 200 words!)


  • 09 - Karin's words
    The first 12 canvases in the 200 words project.
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  • Because I want to publish your gorgeous 200 words on the website, and use them in future Mytarpit projects (to be announced), anyone who wishes to take part in an exchange will be asked to agree to the following:
  • 1. The writer gives an assurance that the words are of their own original generation and not copied in any way that infringes the rights of other writers or publishers, and have not been offered for publication or already published elsewhere.
  • 2. The writer shall assign to Mytarpit all copyright in the written words. Maytarpit shall then have all rights to reproduction now and in the future in any media including, but not exclusively: printing, Internet, CD Rom, DVD, television and video usage.
  • 3. Mytarpit shall give full credit to the writer wherever the words appear.
  • 4.Provision of name and contact details are obligatory, BUT addresses shall never be disclosed beyond State/County and Country.
  • 5. Let's have some fun!

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